Project #2
The video-art animation, entitled ‘DA’IQ FLIGHT’, features an otherworldly robotic being who escorts the audience on an audio-visual journey through layers of micro and macroscopic portals and galaxies. The viewers will be transported from a dark, hopeless world to a radiant, ethereal, alternate dimension. The project is manipulated in real-time to create unique, unrepeatable viewing experiences.
October 2019
Nuit Blanche
Scarborough Civic Centre
Toronto, Canada
Live projection mapping
Nuit Blanche 2019

Funders: Toronto Arts Council

On October 5, 2019 I had the opportunity to transform the 3 storey Scarborough Civic Centre into an experiential outdoor cinema for Nuit Blanche. The 5.7K animation took 9 months to build using actual painted elements merged with 3D animation and procedural motion design. After 30 hours of design, hundreds of hours of animation/compositing and 300 hours of rendering DA'IQ FLIGHT illuminated the night with an incredible soundtrack by @_thisisnoahb. The animation was manipulated in real-time giving the viewers unique experiences.
Thanks to @nuitblancheto and @torontoartscouncil for funding the project and to @_thisisnoahb for the amazing sound design.