AZURITE FIELDING is a cinematic artwork performed in real-time by Canadian multi-disciplinary artist MEDIAH. The custom created animated artwork is taken from his upcoming immersive projection-mapping project to be premiered in 2022. The audio-visual exhibit will stimulate viewers and take them on a multi-sensory journey through dimensional worlds built from MEDIAH’s dynamic artwork.
November 3 2022
AZURITE FIELDING is a trans-dimensional, audio-visual journey that explores metaphysical realms that lie outside of our temporal reality. The powerful imagery combines dynamic movement, interweaving sculptural forms and explosive colours. The artwork depicts landscapes that range from luminous nebulae built from magnetic fields and cosmic dust to mechanical territories where multiple structural components collide, assemble, and deconstruct.  

A thought-provoking soundscape has been custom-engineered for this project. The sound waves and beats that accompany the compelling movements will captivate the audience and create an atmosphere of wonder, awe, and inspiration.

This digital art display is unique in the sense that it features the artform’s evolution from ‘street art’ to ‘immersive media art’ while maintaining its raw freedom of expression. The viewers will be given the chance to explore the cellular, architectural framework of 3-D graffiti and street art forms as they are led through animated, foundational layers. 

THEME | Concept
The project’s theme explores trans-dimensional realities and the thin veil between our dimension and the ever after.  AZURITE FIELDING' will be premiered in full in Toronto, Canada in November 2022.

Imagine yourself exploring the inner parts of a graffiti mega-structure that encapsulates the space for multiple viewers. Everywhere you turn you in the presentation space you see explosive colours and dynamic components deconstructing and re-combining to create larger and more complex structures. And now imagine that you are given all of the power to control where you travel and explore. The power is in your hand. In this particular VR Shared installation, the “navigator” (the person holding the VR controller and navigating through the layers of realities) is responsible for making decisions for the viewing group. Essentially, the “navigator” will determine the experience and viewpoint that the group shares. Perspective is an interesting concept. Many people could witness the same event but have vastly different perceptions and views of what they have experienced. This is the very heart and soul of art!

METHOD | Creative Direction
‘AZURITE FIELDING’ is a multidisciplinary arts project in the sense that its foundation is built from my traditional fine artwork. My process involves the creation of artistic 3D assets that are joined together to create larger than life environments.  Each of the worlds/dimensions will be constructed by merging traditional 2D artwork and sculpted/modeled 3D elements using Zbrush, Blender, Maya and then imported into Unreal 5 as geometry. Unreal innovations such as Nanite, Lumen and ndisplay will be used to create visually stimulating worlds.